Contracting jobs

Kenny-Whelan is a leading provider of contract personnel in Ireland.

Contracting jobs with Kenny-Whelan

Kenny-Whelan has supplied over 15,000 contractors to diverse projects in the last 50 years. We have a presence across 52 client sites in Ireland with 75% of our contractors returning for multiple projects. If you're new to contracting, our dedicated team provide comprehensive support and assistance to our contractors throughout their assignments. 

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The benefits of contracting with Kenny-Whelan

There are numerous benefits to professional contracting. One key advantage of contracting is the freedom it offers. As a professional contractor, you have the autonomy to oversee your own work and select projects that align with your expertise and interests. 

Another appealing aspect of contracting is the potential for higher earnings. Contract professionals often enjoy higher pay rates compared to their permanent counterparts. Additionally, contractors can take advantage of certain tax benefits, resulting in potentially lower tax liabilities. 

As a Kenny-Whelan contractor, you can enjoy our self-bill process. We automatically generate your invoice when we receive your approved timesheets. 

Find out more by clicking the button below and submitting your CV. 

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Contract jobs include:


Design, develop, and implement automated systems and processes throughout various industries with our clients in multiple sectors. 

Automation Jobs


Provide crucial support for projects throughout Ireland by inspecting and improving equipment, and facilities in a commissioning role with Kenny-Whelan.

Commissioning Jobs

Cost Engineer

Reduce loses in major projects throughout Ireland in a cost engineering role. View our current vacancies today.

Cost Engineering Jobs

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Become responsible for creating and enforcing a culture of safety within organisations. With responsibilities varying in every role, environmental health and safety engineering can be an extremely fulfilling career.

EHS Jobs

Functional Leads

We hire for multiple functional lead roles within different sectors throughout Ireland. These include process, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation and civil engineering. 

Functional Lead Jobs

Mechanical Engineering

Design, analyse, and improve mechanical systems and devices across Ireland, as a mechanical engineer with Kenny-Whelan. 

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Process Chemical Engineering

Design, optimise, and troubleshoot chemical processes to produce products efficiently and safely in varied projects.

Process Chemical Engineering Jobs

Project Controls

Utilise your expertise in planning, budgeting, and risk management in a project controls role with Kenny-Whelan. 

Project Control Jobs

Process Design

Create detailed plans and drawings for piping systems, ensuring compliance and efficient implementation in projects throughout Ireland. 

Process Design Jobs

Project Engineering

Drive innovation and assure accuracy on some of Ireland's largest projects.

Project Engineering Jobs

Project Management

These professionals bring a unique blend of technical expertise and project management skills to successfully lead and execute complex projects.

Project Management Jobs

Project Scheduling

Assist in the management of projects across Ireland throughout numerous sectors with a project scheduling role with Kenny-Whelan. 

Project Scheduling Jobs


Play a critical role in ensuring compliance and quality within regulated industries in a validation role with Kenny-Whelan. 

Validation Jobs

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