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Life Science

Senior Appointments



Kenny-Whelan is a leading supplier of engineering personnel. 

With a mix of exciting start-up, and long-term rolling site project opportunities available. We cover a diverse range of engineering roles including conceptual design, construction, and C&Q, through to project and operations support. 


Design, develop, and implement automated systems and processes throughout various industries with our clients in multiple sectors. 

Cost Engineering

Reduce losses in major projects throughout Ireland in a cost engineering role. View our current vacancies today. 

Mechanical Engineering

Design, analyse, and improve mechanical systems and devices across Ireland, as a mechanical engineer with Kenny-Whelan. 

Technical Operations

Technical operation employees look after the necessary technological systems and processes in an organisation. We hire for a wide range of technical positions throughout Ireland’s engineering sector. 


Play a critical role in ensuring compliance and quality within regulated industries in a validation role with Kenny-Whelan.


Site Support and Administration

Explore our exciting site support and administration opportunities.

We hire for a wide range of site support and administration roles. These integral positions are required throughout multiple sectors. Our extensive client base helps us find the right job for you. 

Functional Leads

We hire for multiple functional lead roles within different sectors throughout Ireland. These including process, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrument and civil engineering.  

Process Design

Work in a variety of sectors and environments as a process designer. At Kenny-Whelan we have multiple clients throughout several specialised sectors in need of process design professionals. 


Most production roles work with the products and services of an organisation. They ensure that everything produced meets quality standards. 

Site / Project Administrators

A site and project administrator oversees the running of a site or project’s administration. These roles are integral to efficiency.  

Supply Chain Management / Procurement

Supply chain and procurement managers are involved in the production and distribution process of an organisation’s goods, they keep track and update inventory. 


Capital Projects

We work with clients throughout multiple sectors including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to provide capital project support. 

With a frequency of returning clients, we build up a strong rapport. This allows us to match you with an organisation that's right for you. 


Provide crucial support for projects throughout Ireland by inspecting and improving equipment, and facilities and in a commissioning role with Kenny-Whelan. 

Project Engineering

Drive innovation and assure accuracy on some of Ireland's largest projects.


Project Support

Join Kenny-Whelan for exciting opportunities supporting clients' large-scale CAPEX projects nationwide.

We provide project support personnel to our clients to aid them in supporting the project and documentation lifecycle, setting up systems, creation, maintenance, updates, reviews, approvals, and signatures to the completion stage. 


Project Controls

Utilise your expertise in planning, budgeting, and risk management in a project controls role with Kenny-Whelan. 

Project Management

These professionals bring a unique blend of technical expertise and project management skills to successfully lead and execute complex projects. 

Project Scheduling

Assist in the management of projects across Ireland throughout numerous sectors with a project scheduling role with Kenny-Whelan.  


Process Manufacturing

We've been hiring engineering professionals for almost 50 years. 

Trust our extensive sector knowledge and connections and make your next career move in process manufacturing with us. 

Process Chemical Engineering

Design, optimise, and troubleshoot chemical processes to produce products efficiently and safely in varied projects.

Life Science


Kenny-Whelan is a trusted partner and preferred supplier of quality and laboratory operations personnel to global clients based in Ireland. 

We have access to long-term contract vacancies nationwide for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences roles. We are affiliated with higher education programmes co-designed by industry, academic, and clinical leaders.

Document Control

Document controllers are necessary to inform workers of documents such as procedures and reports. They make sure that others can do their job safely and correctly. 


Laboratory professionals hired by Kenny-Whelan are based in laboratories across Ireland. Their main duties usually include examining and analysing using high-precision lab equipment.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

As a quality professional, your role is to ensure that products and processes meet quality standards. We have a range of clients throughout the life science and engineering sectors looking for qualified quality professionals. 

Quality Assurance and Validation

Ensure that products and processes fulfil quality standards. We have a network of clients looking for qualified quality and validation professionals.

Research Development and Applications

RD&A roles are essential in the life sciences sector to allow for innovation. RD&A professionals use business strategies and align their innovation with business goals. 

Technical Writers

Technical writers are invaluable as they create manuals, guides and other documentation that educates people in their workplace. 

Life Science

Food Ingredients Manufacturing

With a proven track record, Kenny-Whelan is a leader in recruiting professionals for Ireland's food ingredient processing manufacturing sector. 

Our specialist consultant's industry knowledge and connections will open doors to exciting opportunities to match your skills and ambitions.

Manufacturing Engineers

Manufacturing engineers ensure products, systems and processes are carried out to a standard to produce the highest quality. 

Production Assistants

Production assistants monitor and manage products in manufacturing facilities. They’re an essential part of the quality approval process.  

Quality Engineers

Quality engineers work to guarantee the overall quality of manufactured products. These professionals are needed throughout multiple industries. 

Executive Search

Senior Appointments

We’re committed to hiring professionals that will transform and secure future success.

We have been working to match senior professionals to world-class teams for almost 50 years. 

Human Resources

Human resources are the epicentre of an organisation. They are personable and helpful and play a crucial role in the reputation of a company. 

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

Become responsible for creating and enforcing a culture of safety within organisations. With responsibilities differing in every role, environmental health and safety engineering can be an extremely fulfilling career. 


IT roles can range considerably in any organisation. IT professionals design, develop and maintain computer-based systems. The technological world is ever-evolving, and organisations count on IT professionals to help advance their business. 

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