If you’re a Client, there are many reasons why it’s good to do business with Kenny-Whelan.Over the last 40 years, Kenny-Whelan has placed more than 6,000 contract personnel on more than 120 sites throughout Ireland.Our clients range from the top global Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices companies to the leading international food and beverage organisations, as well as highly successful local contract manufacturing suppliers.

What Makes Us Special

  • Specialist Expertise: With 40 years’ experience, we know what the Pharmaceutical, Bio-pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and associated sectors require when it comes to technical manpower.
  • Consultant Quality: Our Consultants are graduates or post-graduates in Engineering or Scientific disciplines, and have spent time in industry.
  • We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of Clients and the largest listing of open jobs.
  • We are the leading supplier to manufacturing facilities in the Irish market, and the top supplier to Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, GSK, Eli Lilly, and many more. We have been supplying Pfizer for 40 years, with an incomparable success rate on all roles.
  • Sourcing Success: Often for difficult-to-fill skill sets, this leads to huge repeat business from clients, who also come to us for market intelligence. We’re able to find candidates that no-one else can because we combine personal contact, referrals, staff expertise, going the extra mile, innovative campaigns, and planning ahead to identify future talent.
  • High Standards: In service, engagement, candidate quality and Consultant expertise.
  • Quality of Service: Speed of response, quality of candidates, flexibility in business relationships, all leading to a very high customer satisfaction score.
  • Award-winning: NRF Best Practice Award, Global Supplier Award